Volkswagen 02A

  • Helical cut gears
  • Dog engagement
  • 6-speed end cover
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Volkswagen 02A 4, 5 & 6-Speed Gearkit

The Volkswagen 02A gearkit is a complete dog engaged helical cut gearkit available as 4, 5 & 6-speed. Both the 4 & 5-speed kit are designed to fit in the OEM gearbox housings, the 6-speed requires an end cover, which is included in the kit. Due to a variety of ratios, this gearkit can be used in several categories of motorsport. Optionally, the OEM differential can be replaced by a Drenth Gearboxes Limited Slip Differential.

  • Mechanical plate type Limited Slip Differential
Gear Ratio Chart
Layshaft RatiosGear RatiosFinal Drive Ratios
2.583 12.143 11.2141.0364.214
1 Not available for 6-Speed

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