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Drenth Gearboxes enjoys a “rich history”. Founder Johan Drenth, together with his brothers Joop & Gerrit have developed and built gearboxes for motor cross competitions since the 1970’s.

In 1981 the previous experience and accumulated knowledge gained were integrated in the birth of a new and self-owned company: Drenth Motorsport Gearboxes in Enter, situated in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. Since then, as now today, Drenth Motorsport Gearboxes distinguishes itself by way of its specialist knowledge and experience in the development and production of gearboxes, gear sets, and special products for the automotive world.

A success story, where each and every day, we continue to work on with inspiration and dedication so as to constantly improve and perfect our products and our services for our valued customers.

History Drenth Gearboxes


Motorsports demand the utmost in durability and quality. It’s obvious, that with so much at stake, winning rather than coming second is dependent on an optimal level of reliability. As an internationally renowned partner to numerous design engineers and motorsport teams, Drenth Gearboxes fully appreciates and understands the importance of and needs for excellent products. Whether you are seeking a standard or custom built product, Drenth Gearboxes is your best choice source.

Drenth Gearboxes engineering activities are of key importance in being able to continuously develop and improve its range of products. Our engineering department is also constantly involved in the creation of new concepts and applications. Based in the information offered by our business contacts such as design engineers, teams, and drivers, we are able to gain new perceptions and thereby move positively forward in developing new distinctive products.


Thanks to its expert team of engineers and its modern well equipped machine shop, Drenth Gearboxes is “geared up” to delivering made-to-measure products. Applications for such products include “old-timers” and “restoration projects” as well as “special products and components” that comply with the high standards specified by customers seeking ultimate durability and reliability.

The right specifications

In addition to excellent people and machine tools, it is of utmost importance to be able to effectively communicate with the customers ordering our products. Your wishes and requirements are collected with care, and analyzed by us so that we are able to deliver a product to you which fulfills all of your expectations, with the best imaginable quality, and, to the “right specifications”.

Most modern software

Our engineering department has, of course, at its disposal the most modern design software. This enables us to optimally design and perfect components and complete products, and also to accurately transmit to and control the manufacturing process of data links. A further enabler to attaining excellent finished products.


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The challenge for Drenth Gearboxes is to supply products which prove themselves irrespective of the harsh, and sometimes extreme, circumstances and conditions they are called upon to perform under.

To be able to meet such a challenge, our company invests in people and machine tools. The pride of our qualified, experienced and motivated team of employees is to be able to put their craftsmanship to work in delivering state-of-the-art precision in each component they deliver to our customers. Their looks, our machine shop, is equipped with the means to manufacture and deliver products to the tightest of tolerances.


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Measurable and Controllable

Care, knowledge and experience during design and manufacturing are essential to producing a perfect final product. Just as important is a proper inspection process.  To aid such a process Drenth Gearboxes employs a system of protocols to record the physical compliance of each component at each step in its production process.

Incoming inspection

Ultimate quality must be “built-in” from the beginning. That’s why Drenth Gearboxes utilizes certified materials in each of the products that it manufactures. Materials that comply with specified requirements determine to a large degree the ultimate quality of the final product.


As a result of the system of quality protocols used during the production and assembly processes, plus the registration of such data in our ERP system, which is specially built for the manufacturing industry, Drenth Gearboxes is able to ensure that each component and completed product is fully (100%) traceable. An inherent guarantee for us, and also for you.
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