Inline gearboxes

MPG Flange 5-Speed

  • 950 Nm maximum input torque (depending on gear ratios and vehicle weight)
  • Gearbox weight 38 kg
  • Straight cut gears
  • Sequential dog engagement
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MPG Flange 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox

The MPG is a high performance top of the range inline gearbox which can be used in front engine, rear wheel drive cars. This gearbox, which is distinctive in its class by using a forced aluminium gearbox housing, can handle up to 950 Nm of torque. The high torque capacity in combination with the use of drop gears makes the gearbox extremely popular for use in high power (turbocharged) cars.

  • Gear lever
  • DMS gear lever
  • Gear indicator
  • Display unit
  • Quick release system
  • Gear lever brackets
  • Paddleshift brackets
  • Oil breather catch tank
  • Customer specific bellhousing
  • Customer specific input shaft
Gear Ratio Chart
Layshaft RatiosGear RatiosDrop Gear Ratios
1st2nd2nd3rd4th & 5th

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