Inline gearboxes

DG350 6-Speed

  • 350 Nm maximum input torque (depending on gear ratios and vehicle weight)
  • Gearbox weight 27.5 kg
  • Straight cut gears
  • Sequential dog engagement
  • Prise-direct 5th or 6th gear
  • Internal oil pump and lubrication system
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DG350 6-Speed Sequential In-Line Gearbox

The DG350 is a high performance gearbox which is perfectly suited for use in front engine, rear wheel drive cars with small capacity (turbo) engines. Due to its design, with internal oil pump and lubrication system, this gearbox can be used in several fields of motorsport. A variety of standard applications are available such as BMW E30 / E36 / E46, Ford Type 9 replacement and Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S replacement. By using removable bellhousings and the availability of multiple end covers customer specific applications are available on request.

  • Gear lever
  • DMS gear lever
  • Gear indicator
  • Display unit
  • Quick release system
  • Gearbox brackets
  • Gear lever brackets
  • Paddleshift brackets
  • Oil breather catch tank
  • Customer specific input shaft
  • Customer specific bellhousing
Gear Ratio Chart
Layshaft RatiosGear RatiosConstant Gear Ratio
2.5002.0671.7651.4741.1821.0002 1
1 Prise-direct

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